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The Problem

Education should not be a punishment; it should be an equalizing factor, lifting children up and out of poverty. Unfortunately, students in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas don’t have the same shot as other children, and too often fall victim to the school-to-prison pipeline due to their inability to cope with the frustrations stemming from their environment.

Schools may be punishing actions they see, but they need to put more into place that can address the root causes of the issues and provide kids with the tools they need to effectively manage their stress, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts

Racial Disparity in School

Students of Color are suspended and expelled 3 times more than white students.

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Students of color struggle with coping and communicating needs and frustrations.

Community Violence

Students of color struggle with conflict resolution. The lack of these skills is responsible for the rising number of fights and violence.

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