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The Solution

Struggling with unresolved issues of stress, conflict, and trauma can feel overwhelming and have detrimental effects on a student’s physical and mental health. MOVE breaks this cycle and provides the tools needed to communicate needs and emotions, resolve conflict, and cope with trauma in an effective and safe way.

By connecting physical and mental health in this way, MOVE helps equip students to identify and manage sources of stress, better express their feelings and be better able to take care of their well-being.

Teacher Training

We provide educators with preventive techniques and train them to incorporate relationship building, empathy, and restorative practices into their work.

Group Exercise

We introduce learners to stress management, coping mechanisms, and communication skills , to help them establish and achieve short-term goals.

Group Counseling

We provide a safe space for students to express emotions and build support systems with peers who are experiencing the same challenges and provide tools to help students regulate their emotions

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MOVE girl
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